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Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Alexander Cherdron from Wiesbaden!

This website is designed to give you an overview of my psychotherapy practice and areas of expertise. You will also receive practical tips, such as how to make an appointment or contact the office. Beyond that, you will find answers to questions that are frequently asked about psychotherapy as well as information about the course of individual therapy.

Next, you will find information regarding my qualifications and recognition of my activities as a lecturer, teaching therapist and supervisor, both in the context of psychotherapy training and advanced training for doctors and psychologists. Since I enjoy giving lectures and do it regularly (this includes specialized lectures for professionals as well as popular science lectures open to the general public), you will also find a list of my talks and publications.

Have fun clicking through, reading, and finding what you are looking for on these pages!

Dr. med. Alexander Cherdron
Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin - Psychotherapeut - Psychoanalytiker
Friedrichstraße 39 - 65185 Wiesbaden - Tel. 0611 – 69 11 80

Dr. med. Alexander Cherdron
Fachärzte f. Psychosom. Med. & Psychotherapie
in Wiesbaden auf jameda