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Practice at a glance

The Practice at a Glance

Since 1995, I have operated a practice in Wiesbaden devoted exclusively to psychotherapy. Prior to that, following the completion of my medical studies, I worked for five and a half years as a doctor of internal medicine; in psychiatry; and in a rural family practice.

As a so-called ”panel physician”, I am certified to treat patients who are insured in the German system by statutory health insurance companies and can settle up with such insurers directly. Private patients will likewise be reimbursed by private German insurance companies.

I treat English-speaking patients regularly and can offer psychotherapy in English without a problem. Non-German patients who are insured by foreign insurers (e.g. Cigna, Blue Shield/Blue Cross, etc.) will normally have my bills reimbursed by them as well.

In addition to my practice, I have been engaged for many years as a lecturer and supervisor in advanced training for doctors and psychologists. I also work as a counselor ("coaching").

With regards to orientation: I have been trained both in a form of psychotherapy based in depth psychology as well as the analytical psychotherapy (psychoanalysis) with which I treat my patients. If you would like to have general information regarding psychotherapy (such as the difference between particular methods of therapy) or the course of individual therapy, please click the corresponding link on the right-hand side of the screen.
Every psychotherapist has his or her “hobbyhorses" and treatment specializations, just as every psychotherapy method can have its benefits and weaknesses. I too have treatment specializations that you can read about on this website.

Psychotherapy practices are organized differently from "normal" medical practices. Thus there are no open "office hours"; rather, it is necessary to make a prior appointment by telephone. On this please read the menu item "Making an Appointment."