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Range of Services

With the following I would like to introduce the range of services and the treatment priorities of my practice.

Among my treatment specializations are the following areas of concern:

  • depression
  • burnout syndrome
  • irrational anxiety or fears that are felt to be distressing
  • anxiety disorders (e.g. panic attacks, phobias)
  • self-esteem problems (self-doubt, feelings of inferiority, questioning of one´s own abilities, accomplishments or lovability)
  • excessive feelings of guilt or agonizing pangs of conscience
  • processing of mortifying experiences (e.g. in relationships or work)
  • processing of grief occasioned by death or loss
  • processing of traumatic experiences (treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders)
  • psychosomatic complaints (particularly chronic complaints in the spinal area and the neck and shoulder region; migraines; chronic bladder infections; skin disorders)
  • male sexual dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox), erection problems (erectile dysfunction), decrease or absence of sexual desire (sexual desire disorders)
  • eating disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • depression during pregnancy or after the birth of a child (peripartum and postpartum depression)
  • care and treatment of competitive and high-performing athletes

The symptoms/emotional illnesses mentioned above are the "daily bread" of my practice. I feel myself to be familiar with the above-listed issues and a capable psychotherapist in dealing with them. However there are certain disease patterns for which I believe a patient might be more expertly treated elsewhere; whether because every psychotherapist has his or her "hobby horses" and/or because under certain circumstances a different therapeutic method is more appropriate. These include addiction or dependency disorders (alcohol, drugs, medication); severe eating disorders (above all anorexia or obesity); and supportive psychotherapy care while battling cancer (psycho-oncology).

Because I am quite familiar with the "psychotherapy landscape" in Germany – and in the Wiesbaden area in particular – I am, following a diagnostic interview to reach an assessment, usually able to recommend a course of therapeutic treatment and correspondingly competent points of contact: specialist colleagues or even specialized clinics. In cases in which medical examinations may prove necessary (e.g. in order to eliminate an organic cause of a mental symptom), I have access to a network of experienced medical doctors from all disciplines.

Prescribing Medication

As a supplementary addition to treatment with psychotherapy, it is frequently useful or necessary to address psychological symptoms temporarily with medication. (Individual cases must always be discussed with the patient). Due to my medical training in psychiatry and my own efforts to keep my psychopharmacological knowledge up-to-date, I am if necessary able to prescribe medication for, for example: depression; the treatment of extreme sleep disturbances; or states of anxiety.


In addition to the above-listed range of treatments, I also carry out consultations ("coaching") in the context of work-related issues. Self-employed persons and employees, particularly in executive positions, frequently desire a consultation in order to extract a gain in personal independence and range of options from the analysis of conflict-ridden or burdensome fields of conflict in their work environment. This form of consultation and coaching is not covered by health insurance, but it is tax deductible as a work expense.

Psychotherapy in English and Italian

I regularly treat English-speaking patients and can offer psychotherapy in English without a problem. Via my colleague Dr. Oddo-Sommerfeld, who is a native speaker of Italian, my practice is also able to offer psychotherapy in that language. For details please see www.psychotherapie-oddo.de.

Nel mio studio offro psicoterapia in lingua italiana visto che la mia collega Dott. ssa Silvia Oddo è madrelingua (www.psychotherapie-oddo.de).